Media Coverage

A special thank you to Buffalo News reporter Mark Sommer and Photographer Bob Kirkham for sharing our inaugural ride aboard the double decker bus on July 4th.  They did a great job of capturing the fun of our tour.

The article is found here.  The image is from July 4th when we welcomed guests from Buffalo's Ungerground Meet-up to sample our tour.

Official Start Date for Tours

We are proud to announce that we are going to begin offering tours starting Friday July 7th.  We'll be offering three tours on Friday July 7th, Saturday July 8th and Sunday July 9th.  We've been out testing the bus.  In this image you'll see the bus at Wilkeson Pointe on Buffalo's Outer Harbor.

The bus looks a little plain because when this picture was taken the bus was not updated with our graphics.  We'll post a picture of that as soon as the dramatic lettering is finished.

Buffalo Bus Double decker tour outer harbor

Working on the bus...

Now that our 1985 Leyland Olympian bus has arrived and actually works, we're buffing it up, cleaning it out and adding a few new items.  Currently we're working on updating the dated seat covers which featured lime green accents (Yeah Baby!).  Thanks to all our family members who pitched in to help us meet our July 7th goal for operations.

Now we need to register the vehicle and have it inspected.  More updates as they become available.  Meanwhile check out the groovy seats, man.

Buffalo double decker bus seats

Arriving Tomorrow...

Our 77 passenger authentic British bus is finally arriving tomorrow in Buffalo.  We are super excited to greet her as she arrives at our terminal in Buffalo.

The Leyland Olypian bus began her life in the UK and then migrated to the US for mechanical upgrades that allowed her to serve tourists in Charlotte North Carolina.  Now she is destined to help you hear the stories of our region and provide the best tours of Buffalo NY.